Connecting Curious Consumers to Innovative Cannabis Brands

our mission

We operate the world’s most advanced marketplace for THC and CBD products enabling consumers to discover, experience, and enjoy the benefits of cannabis in an approachable way. 

Built on the first state-of-the-art data and blockchain platform in the cannabis industry, our technology is the foundation of our comprehensive Seed-to-ShopperTM mission. Our platform provides a safe, familiar shopping experience, with transparent product quality standards that people expect from Hemp, Marijuana, and wellness brands.

who we are

We’ve done the heavy lifting for the industry. Applying the lessons learned from traditional retail and consumer packaged goods we are creating the vital demand infrastructure required for the cannabis industry to thrive.

Collectively we have founded over 20 technology startups and delivered innovation at market disruptors. Our team is known for leadership in technology, data, personalization, CPG brands and retail. We put these skills to work every day making cannabis 2.0 work better for everyone.

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everscore scale

200 million

Valid mobile devices

114 million


40 thousand

Online publishers

11 billion

Page-views per day

let’s talk!

Everscore is creating the data-driven future of the cannabis industry. If unlocking the true growth potential of this industry and helping people around the world makes you smile and gives you purpose, we want to meet you.

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1023 Walnut St #100, Boulder, CO 80302